As soon as the asphalt is laid a chemical reaction takes place and it begins to oxidize. When some of the light oils leave the surface, it can be sealed. A simple test will tell when it is ready for sealing. Spread some water on the surface. It the water spreads evenly without beading and shows no "rainbows" from surface oils you are ready. This is called a “water break test". It usually takes about 90 days.

You should maintenance your asphalt annually to ensure the most longevity.

Sealant will dry to withstand foot traffic and rain within 4-5 hours. Wait 48 hours before vehicle traffic.

As your house and driveway are unique, each driveway sealing price is different. Based on the size and condition of your driveway, we use our unit pricing model to give you the most fair and competitive price possible. When you call or email your request for a free estimate, we immediately assign an estimator who will provide pricing in 24-48 hrs. The estimator will measure and evaluate your driveway. In many cases, special discounted pricing is available including neighborhood discounts if we perform several driveways in one neighborhood at the same time.

A properly maintained asphalt pavement will last up to three times longer than an unsealed pavement. This can amount to thousands of dollars, even for small parking lots or small driveways. A properly installed, well maintained asphalt surface should last 25 years.

To eliminate oil stains from your parking lot, we apply an oil spot primer. Unfortunately, not all stains can be completely removed. If the stain has penetrated more than 1/4 inch it will be very difficult to neutralize. In most cases it will shrink the size of the oil spot.

Brewer Cote® is a high in solids, concentrated refined coal tar emulsion pavement sealer produced with a colloid mill for consistent tar particle size and distribution. Formulated with a select blend of fillers proportioned for exceptional wear resistance

Tire marks are common 1-2 weeks after sealcoating. They will disappear as the sealer continues to cure

Remove all vehicles and objects from the asphalt prior to our arrival. Turn off sprinkler systems. Do not cut the lawn until the sealer has dried. Do not apply lawn fertilizers several days prior to sealing

Like any sprayed or liquid-based coating, the sun helps sealcoat dry. In areas of shade, such as under a tree, the sealcoat may dry differently than the rest of the driveway. Over time, the sealcoat will dry to a uniform appearance and color.

Ideally, days above 45 degrees and nights no lower than 32 degrees. We begin sealcoating in April (weather permitting) and continue through the 1st week in November.


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